Everyone’s dream is to drive a shiny, spotless car that boasts a spectacular finish, reflecting the time and effort you’ve invested in its maintenance. Yet, maintaining the spectacular car’s exterior can be quite a challenge given Cincinnati’s unpredictable weather conditions. That’s where Cincy Detail’s innovative ceramic coating service steps in, ensuring your prized vehicle remains protected while sporting a vibrant, sparkling appearance.

The Process of Ceramic Coating by Cincy Detail

At Cincy Detail, we walk the extra mile to ensure your car appears in its best state possible. Our ceramic coating process is a testament to this mission.

Step 1: Thorough Cleaning

This is the initial stage of the process, and arguably one of the most important. We meticulously clean every inch of your vehicle to remove dirt, dust, and foreign particles. This step is necessary for the ceramic coating to bond effectively with the car’s surface.

Step 2: Paint Correction

Any imperfections in the paintwork are corrected at this stage. Swirls, scratches, and oxidation marks are addressed, ensuring that the surface of the vehicle is smooth and flawless.

Step 3: The Application of Ceramic Coating

Finally, the ceramic layer is expertly applied to act as a protective layer. This step leaves your car with a high-gloss finish that’s resistant to the various elements that threaten to damage a vehicle’s exterior.

How Ceramic Coating Protects the Car’s Exterior

Cincy Detail’s ceramic coating provides an ultra-durable shield that delivers unparalleled protection to your vehicle’s exterior. It serves as a sacrificial layer, standing guard against harmful UV rays, oxidation, harsh weather conditions, bird droppings, and other corrosive substances. Furthermore, ceramic coating makes cleaning your car a breeze—it enhances the car’s surface to a hydrophobic plane, causing water and substances to bead up and slide off.

What Sets Cincy Detail’s Ceramic Coating Apart?

What positions Cincy Detail’s service as superior in the bustling Cincinnati Detailing Market?

Superior Quality

We leverage advanced nano-ceramic technology which ensures the highest level of protection and finish. This cutting-edge use of technology amplifies durability, longevity, and resistance as compared to conventional wax or sealant solutions.

Professional Application

Our technicians are trained professionals who ensure the ceramic coating is uniformly applied to every nook and cranny of your car. Their skilful application ensures you will not experience premature peeling or patchiness.

Customer Service

At Cincy Detail, we don’t perceive our customers as mere clients, but an integral part of our community. Our services don’t wrap up with the application of the ceramic coating— we ensure that our clients have all the necessary information, follow-up care tips, and round-the-clock assistance.


In a nutshell, Cincy Detail’s ceramic coating service provides a superior level of protection to your vehicle, ensuring it not only retains its value but also a pristine appearance. Coupled with our commitment to excellence, we consistently strive to offer unmatched service quality, proving that when it comes to ceramic coating, Cincy Detail leads the market in Cincinnati, OH.