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Cincy Detail’s exterior detailing packages cater to all car care needs. The Premium Hand Wash offers a swift yet thorough clean, while the Deluxe Exterior Detail provides comprehensive cleaning and polishing. The Superior Exterior Detail offers advanced paint protection and meticulous detailing. Committed to excellence, Cincy Detail ensures your car’s exterior is well-protected, enhancing its look and value. 

Exterior Detail


Small Car: $150


Midsize SUV/Sedan: $185


Large Truck/3rd Row SUV: $225

Paint Enhancement Detail


Small Car: $300


Midsize SUV/Sedan: $350


Large Truck/3rd Row SUV: $400

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“Cincy Detail provided great service! Not only was the communication great but my car looked as good as the day I bought it. Thank you for stellar service!

Stacy D.

“I am astonished at this great service, would trust Zach with any of my cars.

Tarek S.

“Prompt arrival and excellent service. I definitely recommend this team for your high end cars.”

Frank P.

Exterior Detailing FAQs

What is included in the exterior detailing service?

Exterior detailing involves a comprehensive cleaning, polishing, and protective process for your car’s exterior. Services typically include hand washing, drying, waxing, and polishing the body, cleaning and polishing rims, tire dressing, cleaning windows, and additional treatments like paint protection.

How often should I have my car's exterior detailed?

While the frequency may depend on your vehicle usage and environmental factors, it’s generally recommended to have your car’s exterior detailed every three to six months to maintain its appearance and protect its value.

How long does an exterior detailing service take?

The duration depends on the package selected and the size and condition of your vehicle. A basic exterior wash may take around an hour, while a complete exterior detailing service can take several hours.

Will exterior detailing remove scratches from my car's paint?

While exterior detailing can minimize the appearance of minor scratches and swirl marks, deep scratches may require more specialized services like paint correction or touch-up paint application.

What's the difference between the Deluxe Exterior Detail and the Superior Exterior Detail packages?

The Deluxe Exterior Detail includes a thorough cleaning, polishing, and waxing, designed to restore your car’s shine. The Superior Exterior Detail provides all these, plus advanced paint protection and meticulous attention to fine details for the ultimate exterior care.

Can I drive my car immediately after an exterior detailing service?

Yes, you can drive your car immediately after detailing. However, it’s recommended to avoid harsh weather conditions or dirt roads for at least a few hours after waxing to allow the protective layer to set properly.

What Makes Cincy Detail The Best In Cincinnati, OH?

Enhanced Driving Experience

Their meticulous interior detailing services can elevate your driving experience. By transforming the interior of your vehicle to feel like new, they create a more comfortable and refreshing atmosphere for every journey​

Long-lasting Vehicle Appearance

With their advanced exterior detailing techniques and premium coatings, Cincy Detail can give your vehicle a sleek and stylish finish that lasts, ensuring your ride always looks its best

Convenience and Trustworthy Service

Cincy Detail provides a mobile detailing service, which means they can come to your location to detail your vehicle. This offers convenience and saves you time. Moreover, their exceptional customer service and transparent pricing can give you peace of mind.

Benefits of Our Service

Fast and Reliable Results

With our advanced methods and topoftheline equipment, we can deliver fast and reliable results that will leave you with a clean and beautiful car.

Protection and Preservation

Cincy Detail’s auto detailing service helps protect and preserve your vehicle’s exterior and interior. They apply high-quality sealants, waxes, and coatings to safeguard the paint from environmental contaminants, UV rays, and oxidation. Additionally, their meticulous cleaning process helps prevent dirt, dust, and grime from causing premature wear and tear on the vehicle’s interior, preserving its overall condition and value.

Convenient Scheduling

Our team is available to work around your schedule and provide services whenever they are needed.

Affordable Pricing

We understand that auto detailing services can be expensive, so thats why we offer competitive pricing for all of our services.

Time and Convenience

Opting for Cincy Detail’s auto detailing service saves you valuable time and effort. Instead of spending hours cleaning your car yourself or taking it to multiple places for various services, Cincy Detail provides a convenient one-stop-shop for all your detailing needs. They offer flexible scheduling options, including on-site services, to accommodate your busy lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy a meticulously cleaned and rejuvenated vehicle without the hassle.

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Exterior Detailing In Cincinnati, OH

Exterior detailing in Cincinnati, OH, is a crucial service for every vehicle owner who wants to maintain the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and value of their car. This service goes beyond a typical car wash, offering a thorough and meticulous cleaning process that refreshes and revitalizes your car’s exterior. It plays a significant role in preserving your vehicle’s condition, contributing to a better driving experience, and promoting pride in your vehicle’s appearance.

In Cincinnati, a city known for its diverse weather conditions, exterior detailing is particularly important. The changing seasons can expose your car to various environmental factors such as rain, snow, road salt, and sun exposure, which can impact the exterior of your vehicle. Regular exterior detailing can mitigate these effects, preserving the integrity of your car’s paintwork and other exterior components.

A comprehensive exterior detailing service in Cincinnati typically includes a thorough hand wash, which helps remove dirt, dust, and grime that can accumulate on your vehicle’s surface. This is followed by drying to prevent water spots, and then clay bar treatment to remove any embedded contaminants that normal washing can’t remove. The process continues with polishing to remove light scratches and oxidation, and finally, a wax or sealant is applied to protect the paint and give it a shiny finish.

Choosing an exterior detailing package that suits your vehicle’s needs and your personal preferences is crucial. For a quick and efficient cleaning solution, the Premium Hand Wash service can be an ideal choice. However, if your car requires a more in-depth cleaning and restoration, you may opt for the Deluxe Exterior Detail package, which includes polishing and waxing. And if you’re seeking an ultimate care package for your vehicle, the Superior Exterior Detail package offers advanced paint protection and meticulous detailing, providing the highest level of care for your car’s exterior.

Technicians performing exterior detailing in Cincinnati are well-equipped and highly skilled professionals who understand the specific needs of cars in the region. They utilize industry-grade cleaning products and tools to safely and effectively clean your vehicle’s exterior without causing any damage. Their attention to detail ensures that every part of your vehicle’s exterior, including wheels, tires, windows, and mirrors, receives proper care.

Exterior Detailing Near Me

Exterior detailing is a vital service for any vehicle owner who cherishes their ride and wishes to maintain its aesthetic appeal, safeguard its functionality, and preserve its value. Unlike an ordinary car wash, exterior detailing offers an intensive and meticulous cleaning process that refreshes and rejuvenates the exterior of your vehicle, contributing to a superior driving experience and instilling a sense of pride in your car’s appearance.

In various climates and driving conditions, vehicles are subjected to numerous environmental factors like rain, dust, road salt, bird droppings, and UV radiation, which can all have detrimental effects on the exterior of your car. Regularly scheduled exterior detailing helps combat these impacts, preserving the integrity of your car’s paintwork and other exterior features.

Exterior detailing near you encompasses a thorough hand wash to dislodge and remove dirt, dust, and grime that accumulate on your vehicle’s surface. Following this, the vehicle is dried to avert water spots. The detailing process also often includes a clay bar treatment designed to extract embedded contaminants that regular washing can’t eliminate. Further steps involve polishing to reduce light scratches and oxidation, concluding with a protective wax or sealant application that imparts a vibrant shine to your vehicle’s exterior.

Finding an exterior detailing package that fits both your vehicle’s requirements and your personal preferences is vital. The Premium Hand Wash service is perfect for those seeking a rapid and effective cleaning solution. If your vehicle necessitates more thorough cleaning and rejuvenation, the Deluxe Exterior Detail package could be the ideal option, complete with polishing and waxing. For those desiring the pinnacle of care for their vehicle, the Superior Exterior Detail package delivers advanced paint protection and meticulous detailing, ensuring the utmost degree of attention for your vehicle’s exterior.

Local exterior detailing technicians are not only experienced but are also well-equipped with industry-grade cleaning products and tools. Their specialized knowledge enables them to effectively and safely detail your vehicle’s exterior, preventing inadvertent damage. Their keen eye for detail guarantees that all aspects of your vehicle’s exterior, from the wheels and tires to windows and mirrors, receive the care and attention they deserve.


Professional Exterior Detailing Company

Choosing a professional exterior detailing company can have a significant impact on the longevity, aesthetics, and value of your vehicle. Whether you own a compact car, a luxury sedan, or an expansive RV, a professional detailing company can offer a range of services that are tailored to your vehicle’s needs and your personal preferences. Let’s explore what makes a professional exterior detailing company stand out and why it’s an important choice for every vehicle owner.

Professional exterior detailing companies provide a comprehensive range of services, including thorough washing, polishing, waxing, tire dressing, window cleaning, and more. These services go beyond what a typical car wash can offer. In addition, many professional detailing companies offer advanced treatments such as paint correction, clay bar treatment, and high-grade sealant application, all designed to protect and enhance your vehicle’s exterior.

One of the major advantages of choosing a professional detailing company is the expertise and experience of the team. Skilled technicians who understand the intricacies of vehicle detailing carry out the work, ensuring that your vehicle is handled with care and precision. These professionals are trained in the best techniques and use professional-grade tools and products to provide a superior finish that’s not typically achievable with DIY detailing.

Professional exterior detailing services are also a time-efficient solution for vehicle owners. Detailing a vehicle is a labor-intensive process that requires a lot of time, effort, and knowledge. By outsourcing this task to professionals, you can save time and energy, allowing you to focus on other important tasks or simply enjoy your free time.

A professional exterior detailing company can also offer personalized service packages based on your needs and budget. This could range from a basic wash and wax service to a full exterior detailing package that includes advanced treatments. The flexibility to choose the right service for you ensures you get the best value for your money.

Another key advantage of using a professional detailing company is the preventative maintenance they offer. Regular detailing can help identify potential issues such as paint chipping or rust formation before they become major problems. This can save you significant repair costs down the line and help maintain your vehicle’s value.

Professional detailing companies often provide mobile services as well, bringing their equipment and skills to your home or office. This convenience factor can save you from the hassle of driving your vehicle to a detailing center and waiting for the service to be completed.